Why and How I Ended Up Teaching In Texas

Glad to have you,   !!
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J #1 Junne Arcamo {2024-05-22}    5660
Location: Panglao, Bohol Philippines
Nice, very nice.
M #2 Marlou {2024-03-04}    5590
Location: Houston
Hello Mar!!♥️
M #3 Marlou Cos {2024-03-01}    5583
Location: Houston
Hi Mar! Just dropped by to say hello!!🤩
K #4 Kayden {2023-03-28}    5147
Location: Houston
Nice website. Lolo. I love it very muvh!💓
M #5 Martin Castillo {2022-09-20}    4421
Location: Houston
Hi there!!!
M #6 Martin Castillo {2022-09-20}    4420
Location: Houston
Hello everyone!!😀
M #7 Martin {2022-01-02}    2554
Location: Cebu
You too!!!
H #8 Hector Rama {2022-01-02}    2553
Location: Cebu
Malipayong Bagong Tuig!
J #9 Juan Chavez {2021-05-05}    2389
Location: Jersey City
Am from jersey citu
A #10 Abet Ungab {2021-03-29}    2371
Location: Davao City, Philippines
Congratulations for this site! Saw the pic and I remember how we worked hard for that Physics training at Rice University ..... congratulations for a well-deserved retirement!!! Students will surely miss your teaching style.