On Picking Up A New Skill

Glad to have you,   !!
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G #1 Galileo Encabo {2023-07-21}    5364
Location: Gainesville, Florida
Reading your blog is like talking to a long-time friend. It sounds so casual and open. You share your hopes and fears; your trials and triumphs, in a very candid way which I truly appreciate. Ever since I came to America, I have been mesmerized, enthralled by computers and the people who make them "run". I enjoyed reading your blog, although I am still stuck in a debate with myself between "stiff learning curve'" and "steep learning curve"...I'm leaning towards poetry in action there. I'm looking forward to reading more of your blogs....if only to find out what your wife will tell you what to do next.
M #2 Martin Castillo {2023-05-24}    5171
Location: New York
This is nicely done website. Its organization of the contents is superbly thought of. Congratulations!!😍😀
M #3 Martin Castillo {2023-02-02}    5109
Location: Tubigon
Hello, Martin!!😀
M #4 Marlou Cos {2022-01-02}    2569
Location: Tinangnan, Tubigon, Bohol
Hmmmm 1
K #5 Kayden Benson {2022-01-02}    2566
Location: Houston.
M #6 Marlou Castillo {2022-01-02}    2548
Location: Cebu
Happy New Year!!🌲
K #7 Kayden {2021-12-07}    2511
Location: Houston
Hi Lolo.😙
M #8 Martin Castillo {2021-05-05}    2388
Location: Jersey City
here., it is.
A #9 Antonio Salera {2021-02-20}    2318
Location: Dallas, Texas
It's been 10 years since I graduated from Sam Houston High School. Thank you for your encouragement that anyone can make it in life if we make God a partner it all our endeavors. 😀👌
R #10 Roberto Chavez {2021-02-20}    2317
Location: Jersey City
Hi Mr. Castillo, Belated Christmas greetings!!